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Nicholas Oberman

Executive Vice President of Global ISO & Agent Sales

Nicholas Oberman is the original Founder of the company and served as President and CEO of Payroc for over a decade. Nick has over 15 years of sales and management experience within the payments industry. He originally formed Payroc as Retriever of Chicago (ROC), a sales group of Retriever Payment Systems, powered by National Processing Company (NPC). NPC was acquired by Vantiv in 2010, and ROC grew to become one of Vantiv’s largest sales organizations.


In 2014, Nick led the initiative for ROC to rebrand and register “Payroc” as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) of Fifth Third Bank, powered by Vantiv. Driven by Nick’s leadership, Payroc has focused and embraced a consultative and advisory approach with its merchants, advocating transparent Interchange Plus Pricing along with focused Interchange Management. Because of this commitment, Payroc has developed a portfolio of much larger specialty and emerging market technology Merchants.

Nick has brought a balance to the “new” breed of ISO where the Merchant comes first. Nick played a key role in the design and development of the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) Certified Payment Professional (CPP) exam. This exam, which is a requirement Nick has instituted for Payroc, is one of many sound strategies the payments industry is advocating to make sure sales professionals become Payments Professionals.

Nick also is an active Board Member of a charitable community organization, Restoration Ministries, Harvey, Illinois. This organization helps underprivileged individuals and families create a better life for themselves in a number of different ways.