James Derby

SVP, Enterprise Sales

As Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales, James Derby is responsible for defining market trends and merchant needs and identifying products or partners to fulfill them. His goal is to position the Payroc sales channels to “WIN.”


An industry veteran and ETA Certified Payment Professional, James has been in payments for 11 years and in the point-of-sale space over 21! Prior to Payroc, he worked sales for hospitality POS (Aloha/System 3). After mastering all aspects of the POS environment, he opened his firm in 2009, DETROK, INC. Their consultative approach led to long time clients and low attrition. His core services included FOH and BOH consulting, inventory management, online ordering, KDS, ongoing support, and waste/theft/loss mitigation practices. DETROK became the largest Aldelo POS provider in Chicagoland and was eventually purchased by Payroc in Feb 2019.

“People do business with People” is a core belief and practice for James. To that end, he ensures easy and convenient access to resources on his team. When it comes to product, pre-sales, sales, onboarding, and support, all work together with valuable vendors to accomplish one goal: GREAT CUSTOMER OUTCOMES!