Streamlining Business Through Automated Payment Acceptance

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Payroc, a leading merchant acquirer and payment processor, now enables pay-by-phone payment processing. Through partnership with IVR Technology Group and Fluid Pay, this launch bridges together each key element to offer businesses payment collection over the phone, along with RewardPay Choice compatibility, Payroc’s premium processing program.

Omnichannel Experience

The IVR payment solution offers a true omni-channel platform, through multiple features for an enhanced payment experience.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Payroc, one of the leaders in the payments industry,” says Matt Talarico, VP of Strategic Partnerships, IVR. “With our partnership and collaboration, we offer more options for merchants to communicate with their customers and collect more payments, in a secure and automated way.”

High-volume processing environments are the niche for this solution, as companies of such capacity benefit from the value of an automated voice and text payment system. The IVR solution ties 24/7 payment acceptance, custom call flows, voice prompts and customer service automation tools to streamline contact centers.

Gold Standard Gateway

Payroc is excited to highlight the launch of this product in partnership through Fluid Pay’s gateway technology.

“This integration will allow users to complete the payment process simply and with no errors. This is exciting for a payment gateway when you expand ways for people to pay. There is much more in the pipeline,” says Jeff Rooney Chief Technology Officer of Fluid Pay, LLC.

IVR’s compatibility with RewardPay Choice enables merchants using the service to benefit from the savings up to 90% on their credit card processing, by passing a portion of the cost payment acceptance to the customer.