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API & Integrations

Connections and reliability are key for successful transactions - all while Payroc removes your payments barriers.


Get real-time, live 24/7 health check of all Payroc systems


Allow applications to talk to each other


Strong integrations streamline payments and boost revenue


Managed payments ecosystem for your SaaS platform



We offer fully documented multinational APIs supporting both REST and SOAP.

Payroc Canada API

The Payment API is a RESTful web service that supports PAD and card payment processing for Payroc partners and customers. All messages are HTTPS POST with JSON format being used for data exchange.

Point-of-Sale (EMV/Chip-Card – Card Present)

Quickly and easily connect to payment terminals from various vendors with the Point of Sale API. With this single API you can easily process EMV transactions from your POS with just a few simple HTTP requests. Avoid the complexity of integrating with each terminal vendor’s API and be up and running in minutes.

Omni-Channel (Card Present & Card Not Present)

Support an omnichannel approach to payments with our family of APIs, enabling you to process payments from terminals and web-based check outs, and also providing you with a full suite of transaction and settlement reporting.

eCommerce / Mobile / Payouts

We make it easy to support PayFac E-commerce merchants with our simple web-based checkout library and a full suite of REST APIs for card not present transaction processing. Our API provides support for innovative new payment options like push payments which allow you to quickly and easily send money to your customers with credit or debit cards.

ISV Client Onboarding

Our boarding API provides partners with the ability to create full merchant accounts in real-time via an easy to use API. Have your customers processing in less than a minute. The API can even automatically create gateway accounts and credentials for easy payment gateway usage. Create automated emails that contain co-branded digital signature documents. All of this while being serviced by an in-house underwriting team.

Settlements / Deposits

Get real-time settlement information for your merchants that doesn’t rely on a gateway. Know when and how much you’re being paid. Visibility into the batches, transactions and actual time that money has been deposited into your bank account. This API also provides insight into potential chargebacks including the current state of those chargebacks.

Mobile SDKs (EMV/MPOS)

Dip, Swipe, and Type all you like with our certified mobile EMV solution. Using our mobile SDK, adding support for a mobile point of sale to your existing mobile application has never been easier. Accept Cash, Card, and ACH transactions securely in your app without increasing your PCI scope. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus leveraging our customization options to fit your business.

System Status

Payroc Merchant Gateway Status is a real-time, live 24/7 health check of all Payroc systems. If you’re curious about what’s going on with an incident, check this page. Our goal is to provide users with consistent, real-time information to keep you in the know.

Get the right integration and APIs

A reliable connection in supporting SaaS is key to avoiding bottlenecks in your payment processing. We can help identify the best and most effective cost solution, right sized for your needs.