Streamline transaction settlements with Payroc's Funding API

Payroc’s Funding API is a flexible interface that allows for dynamic funding to merchants and business entities.

Our API allows you to take command of your finances with Payroc.

Experience control and transparency over your funds, ensuring they're deposited accurately.

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Experience unmatched financial control

Manage deposits, automate fund allocation, and track the entire transaction journey from swipe to settlement—all with unprecedented speed and transparency.

  • Direct control: ISVs can seamlessly transfer SaaS fees, consolidate billing, automatically deduct merchant transaction fees, and combine processing fees with SaaS charges. The possibilities are limitless.
  • Dynamic funding: Supporting a cause? Dividing funds between multiple parties (split funding)? With our funding API, you can automate the allocation of funds and specify the recipients for where your funds are deposited.
  • Live updates: Our funding API allows you to have visibility into your money in real time. You can track your money every step of the way from swipe to settlement.