Our robust consumer-driven processing program driven by smart terminal technology. ConsumerChoice empowers businesses to offer dual pricing at checkout, giving the option of cash price or a card price with processing costs included. 

Flexibility in Pricing

ConsumerChoice enables businesses to choose to pass some or all the cost of acceptance.

Give Your Consumers the Choice

Empower consumers with the choice to select cash or card at checkout through clear dual pricing.

Zero Processing Costs

Eliminate processing costs and net settle the total price of sale daily.

Complete Transparency in Pricing
for Your Customers

Consumers Make the Choice with Clearly Presented Dual Pricing

Card Price
Cash Price

3 Things You Need to Know


Businesses do not have to raise default pricing, simply give the consumer the option to pay cash or with a card.  


The card price includes the cost of payment acceptance to the business. 


There is no line-item fee added to the final receipt.

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