CashRewards, our premier cash discounting program enables a business to offset 100% of its processing costs and offer a discount to any customer paying with a cash or check.

With CashRewards, you never have to worry about paying for processing again.

See the difference

Zero Credit Processing Fees

If you sell $100, you earn $100 when customers pay with a card.

Full Compliance for Peace of Mind

CashRewards™ is fully compatible and compliant with all major card brands and can be utilized across all payment types.

Give Your Customers the Choice

Give your customers the option to avoid paying processing fees by choosing cash, check, or gift card.

Complete Transparency in Pricing
for Your Customers

Utilize our free signage to manage and mark up your advertised price as you see fit. With CashRewards, customers always have the choice of how they want to pay for a product or service.

For example, if a customer prefers to use a credit card as payment, then you can add a minimal extra amount to the price they will pay in order to cover your card processing costs. If the same customer chooses to pay with cash, then additional processing fees are removed and you can offer them a discounted price.

3 Things You Need to Know


VISA/MC/Discover/Amex does allow for a business to mark up their advertised/published price and offer a discount for cash paying customers


The program MUST NOT add a service fee to the advertised/published price at the point of sale.


If done compliantly, you can also offer a discount for cash on Debit and Prepaid cards.

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