Payroc/ID TECH Partnership Simplifies Unattended Payments

Blog 2022

Developing payment solutions for unattended parking might be one of the most demanding challenges an ISV can face. These solutions must be able to withstand the elements, require little power, and allow for a wide variety of payment options.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right partners when it comes to hardware and payment processing. And it’s what makes the Payroc and ID TECH partnership so impactful. In this blog, we’ll examine how this partnership has paved the way for ISVs to develop innovative parking payment solutions that drive efficiency, convenience, and enhanced user experiences.

Two Leaders in Unattended Payments Solutions


A worldwide leader in payment terminals, ID TECH specializes in designing and providing extremely reliable and robust unattended payment solutions. ID TECH’s payment terminals are often deployed in demanding, integrated payment applications such as self-service, kiosk-based applications that minimize human resources and enable customers to make payments independently.

For unattended solutions, ID TECH’s card readers support a range of payment methods, including magnetic stripe, EMV chip, tap to pay, and contactless payments (through NFC-enabled cards and mobile wallets, including Apple Pay and Google Pay). Designed specifically for outdoor, unattended environments, ID TECH’s products are ruggedized to withstand harsh weather, extreme temperatures, dust and water intrusion, and physical impacts.

And because ID TECH manufactures their own devices, they have more control over the quality of production, output, and throughput. The ID TECH team designs everything from the device chips all the way to the finished product.

About Payroc

Payroc makes it easy for ISVs to develop merchant solutions without needing specific payments expertise. ISVs can simply leverage Payroc’s suite of APIs to handle everything from onboarding to transaction handling, settlements, and reporting.

How ID TECH and Payroc Make Unattended Solutions Simple

Working together, ID TECH and Payroc offer ISVs several shared benefits that can’t be found in every hardware/payment gateway combination.


ID TECH’s hardware can be customized to offer the customer experience merchants need to deliver – including custom workflows and messages. Because Payroc is payments agnostic, ISVs can determine which payment options they need to offer and even change those options with little to no issue.


As technical innovation continues to speed up exponentially, merchants must be able to adapt. The same goes for solution partners. Both Payroc and ID TECH work closely with ISVs to understand what they see as their future trajectory. From there, Payroc and ID TECH can help those ISVs achieve their goals with adaptable solutions. This gives ISVs confidence to know they can count on a partnership that is poised to grow with them.


Payroc pre-certifies ID TECH devices that can connect to over 65 processors and acquirers. Neither ISVs nor merchants have to worry about being PCI-compliant. Payroc’s suite of APIs make onboarding, transaction processing, settlements, and reporting simple with interfaces that allow for rapid integration.

Of course, customization can be handled easily as well. And because Payroc and ID TECH have been collaborating for more than a decade, their teams know the quickest ways to facilitate that customization with little fanfare.

How Payroc and ID TECH Deliver on Unattended Parking

Payroc and ID TECH work together to solve the challenges that come with unattended parking payment solutions.

Environmental Demands

Unattended parking payments solutions have to withstand some of the worst environmental conditions. Most unattended pay stations or meters are exposed to sun, snow, moisture, and rain. They’re often not covered or protected from the elements. If the unattended devices degrade in these circumstances, the parking merchant may end up saddled with the high cost of service calls.

ID TECH solves for that problem with payment devices designed to stand up to some of the coldest and hottest climates. They require little maintenance and have superior performance in these rough environments.

Power Limitations

Parking meters, pay stations, and kiosks are typically located on the street or in a lot. That means they can’t be hooked to an electrical power source. Resourceful parking merchants may use solar panels to power those meters and pay stations, but the amount of power is limited. The last thing parking merchants need is a payments device that sucks up the limited energy those solar panels generate.

ID TECH devices are incredibly efficient and designed to run on as little power as possible. Input power is only nine volts and the device goes into sleep mode when not being used to reduce power consumption as much as possible.

Distinguishing Devices

Another challenge is managing hundreds or even thousands of individual devices in one system. If an issue with a device arises, revenue is on the line – so the merchant needs to be able to locate the device quickly and accurately.

ID TECH offers Concierge, a remote web-based terminal management system where parking merchants can remotely control and manage devices and integrated systems. Each pay station is assigned a unique identifier and can be quickly found using GPS.

Omnichannel Payments Needs

Parking merchants need to offer today’s customers a full array of payment options, including pay-ahead or subscription, in-app payments, and device-specific payments such as magnetic swipe, EMV, and digital wallets.

ID TECH devices have tremendous flexibility for accepting payment types, even allowing for loyalty cards and student parking programs as payment. Payroc’s gateway is payments agnostic, so parking merchants can offer virtually any option mentioned above while consolidating all reporting into one account.

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