Every Affinity Partner Wins

Our Affinity benefit program will save or eliminate merchant processing costs of your members and help streamline their operations.

Why partner with us

Deliver value beyond the savings on their statement

Co-branded marketing and promo support provided

Monthly non-dues
income stream for your organization

Grow your org by offering our FinTech to your members.

Payroc’s Commitment to Affinity Partners

  • Significant member savings on payment processing
  • Help obtain and retain members
  • Generate monthly non-dues income

Trusted by Associations
of all sizes and industries

Choose a partner that covers all the bases with end-to-end financial technology and payment processing

Merchant Enrollment

We get you up and running quickly with our rapid in-house underwriting and boarding process. Plus, get equipment in days, not weeks!

Customer Service

At Payroc, we still believe people do business with people. That’s why we provide your clients with free domestic support when and where they need it!

Partner Management

Complete transparency into residuals and commissions with our Payroc Partner Portal. Plus, free marketing support and resources for your organization.

We work better together

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We’d love to help your members save money and grow their business.