Key Features ISVs Need in a Payments Platform (Part 2)

Blog 2022

Payments have become a critical piece that directly impact the growth and experience that independent software vendors (ISVs) can achieve.

For the last two years, developers and product managers at Payroc have been talking to our clients, listening to industry experts, and forming partnerships with likeminded companies, all with the goal of creating new payments APIs that address any of the functional needs that ISVs may choose to offer in their solutions.

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To recap, the Payroc platform offers one interface for boarding merchants, accepting payment transactions, funding, and comprehensive reporting.

In the first article in this two-part series, we dove into how consistency, extensive payment options, and comprehensive reporting play a key role in successful payments integration. In this article, we’ll cover the additional key elements our ISV partners told us they wanted from their payments platform:

  • Seamless integration
  • Development portal
  • High-touch support

Integration Should Be the Easy Part

In today’s fragmented ecosystem, where processing payments involves multiple payer platforms and settlement engines, it’s tough to offer the full range of payment options that consumers look for when shopping with merchants.

ISVs want a single integration to manage virtually any payment type and settlement engine. Fortunately, this type of seamless integration is our specialty. We strive to give clients everything they need in one spot so they can trust us to deliver on all the capabilities they’ll need to take their business to the next level.

With Payroc’s new APIs, each function — boarding new merchants, taking and settling payments, reporting, and even handling payroll — can be accomplished through one of four single APIs.

4 APIs

Our integrations team works directly with ISVs to understand their requirements and identify the best way to leverage each API for their business model.

Give Your Developers a Portal Playground

Another factor ISVs should consider is whether their developers will have a place to further customize the solution as it relates to payments. At Payroc, our payments platform APIs include developer portals set up with QuickStart guides that include clear instructions on integration, authentication, and how to use the different APIs.

From there, it’s up to each ISV to build as little or as much as they need.

Get Answers Fast

Regardless of how easy it is to integrate with and use a payments platform, questions will arise – and getting answers should be easy. At Payroc, our support team is world-class. We start with a test and certification team that takes ISVs and their merchants through their processes, allowing them to run test transactions and make sure everything’s working as intended.


From there, we have pools of engineers available for questions, offering a high-touch customer support model that follows ISV clients through their journey of solution development and implementation. Clients also have access to real-time communication using tools like Slack, where we’ll give them access to our developer community.

Once engaged, you’ll have a dedicated Slack channel through which you can chat with our integrations team and our developers to get answers whenever you need them.

Payroc’s payments platform is designed to improve payments processing and deliver a better experience to our ISV clients and their merchants’ customers.

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