Connect to payment devices around the world, instantly. 

 A global, integrated processing partner for Payfacs, SaaS and POS providers.

The All-in-One Platform for Payment Onboarding, Processing and Settlement

Our team has created fully-documented APIs supporting both REST and SOAP implementations, along with code examples and Postman collections, designed to accellerate and simplfy your team’s development efforts.

Payments Done Your Way

Payroc’s fully integrated payments platform allows for flexibility and creativity to build your customer payment flow according to your needs.

Global Payments

  • Sell Internationally, get paid in your own currency
  • Connect POS to retail payments globally
  • International settlements for global merchants

API Integration

  • A single integration to more devices globally
  • Seamless instant boarding
  • Modern REST APIs

Comprehensive Security & Compliance

  • Data security and encryption
  • Secure payment info collection
  • Chargeback management

Instant Savings

  • Customized Cash Discounting
  • Compliant Surcharging
  • Same Day Funding

Financial Reconciliation & Reporting

  • Real-time reporting
  • Unified Reporting
  • Simplified Reconciliation


  • Create your own Payfac experience 
  • Omni Channel Payment acceptance 
  • Custom revenue sharing plans

Accept More Payments Worldwide

With a single payments platform, you can easily offer more payment methods, experience more advanced features and functionalities, and process payments globally.

Unmatched Device Selection

We have the largest selection of devices globally. We integrate to leading solutions globally to ensure local payments needs and variety.

Global Payments

We operate in United States, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, US Virgin Islands, and Bermuda.

Cloud Based

Our cloud terminal management system allows plug and play installs taking minutes for the end client without networking or downloads.


Cloud API




Payment Devices



By making the switch to Payroc, you can:

Embed the option that is right for you – from our API to our off-the-shelf hosted solution.

Take control by designing the customer checkout experience any way you want.

Select all the features you need, including fraud prevention, chargeback management and more.

Design customized payment flows to split payments, collect fees, payout multiple parties and more.

Choose from a wide variety of POS terminals

Be up and running as fast as you need with the latest pre-certified POS terminals. Every terminal meets PCI compliance, and is either encrypted with E2EE or P2PE.

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PCI, GDPR & SOC Compliant

We’re committed to exceeding the hightest global data security standards. Our team works with regulators around the world to ensure our platform adapts to ever-changing regulatory requirements so you don’t have to.