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Elevate Your Software Solutions with Payroc Path, A Flexible Path to Partnership Designed to Meet ISV Partners Where They Are to Empower Integrated Payment Solutions

Processor-agnostic partnership model for ISVs and merchants

Leverage Payroc's gatway to keep existing provider relationships intact

An ideal entry point for transitioning to a full-service partnership with Payroc

Easily move to a suitable full-service model when ready

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Your Flexible, Future-Proof PaaS Partnership

As the most partner-centric provider in the industry, we pride ourselves in meeting partners where they are, both today and in the future. That’s why we offer Payroc Path, a unique processor-agnostic Payments as a Service (PaaS) partnership model tailored for software providers and their clients.

How ISVs and Software Clients Win With Payroc Path:

Enhanced Technology

Access Payroc’s robust technology suite and endpoints without the requirement for full service acquiring for a friction-free client experience.

Capture Every Sale

Never miss a software sale by offering merchants the choice to select or bring their own merchant services provider.

Maintain Partnerships

Keep your current partnership agreements (and customers’ merchant agreements) intact to fulfill contractual obligations or eliminate the hassle of renegotiations.

Built for Growth

Get a payments program rooted in flexibility where you’re well positioned for growth now and in the future.

Begin Your Journey Toward an Elevated Payment Program

Step onto the Payroc Path and Experience a Platform Built for Partnerships

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What is Payroc Path?

Delivering friction-free, seamless user experiences is paramount to capturing and retaining customers—that’s why we created Payroc Path—a unique partnership program that puts software providers and software clients in the driver’s seat.

Serving as a first step in the partnership journey, Path empowers software providers to leverage Payroc’s powerful commerce gateway while bringing choice and flexibility to acquiring relationships. With Path, we act solely as a gateway, seamlessly routing transactions to a chosen acquirer. With our “bring your own provider” and “bring your own MID” program, partners can retain their own established processor relationships and never lose a software sale (or revenue) due to payment constraints.

A Path to Full-Service Partnership

Payroc Path serves as the perfect entry point into a deeper partnership with Payroc. When you’re ready, we make transitioning to the right full-service partnership model simple. From referral, reseller, registered ISO, managed payfac and hybrid programs, Payroc’s full-service partnerships amplify revenue, remove cost, and streamline software ecosystems.

Take the first step with Payroc Path

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