Frequently Asked Questions from Payment Professionals

Blog 2022

As a payment professional, you need to establish a trust-based relationship with your merchants. That means you also need a payment processor who will partner with you to anticipate problems, offer solutions, and help you build stronger relationships.

We’ve created this FAQ to provide answers to the most pressing payment processing questions we receive from our partners.

How Does Payroc Help Agents Sell?

Your payment processor should provide you with the support that you need to market and sell your services. That’s why Payroc’s marketing team has developed assets to help you establish your brand identity, including branded emails and other resources to support you.

As you build your relationships with merchants and choose products for your portfolio, Payroc also offers trainings specifically designed to equip you with the product knowledge that will help you connect with your leads and close more deals.

If you’d like to avoid the headache of managing multiple vendors, we can help you there, too. We’re continually acquiring more solutions to our own portfolio to help ensure we can offer you the solutions you need to offer flexibility to your merchants. When you can help them accept more payment options, you increase their revenue and make your merchants more profitable.

What Type of Support Does Payroc Offer to Merchants?

Your merchants are your top priority. When they have a problem or concern with how payments are processed, you need to know they’ll be well taken care of. At Payroc, we prioritize customer support to ensure your merchants receive the support they need, right when they need it.

Your merchants will be supported by a team of agents dedicated to providing comprehensive and responsive service. That means they will see any issues through to the end so you don’t have to. Our award-winning support team has earned a customer satisfaction rating of nearly 98% from merchants like those you serve.

We also help your merchants get up and running quickly. In 2021 alone, we approved more than 10,000 applications, 80% of which were approved in less than 24 hours. Of the 7,000 pieces of equipment we shipped, 75% were sent out in that same timeframe — less than 24 hours from the request.

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How Does Payroc Support Agents?

Payroc supports agents with the same way high level of support that we offer to merchants, and that means a team committed to your success. Our agent advocate team is dedicated to providing day-to-day operational support, including help with applications, new orders, and existing account support. This back office team is committed to saving you time and effort so you can focus on selling.

Payroc is a great home for all agents – whether they’re newer to merchant services or veterans in the industry. Agents newer to merchant services or those interested in joining an established sales team have the opportunity to partner with industry-veteran sales leaders. These leaders provide training, incentives, and guidance as you build your book of business. Think of them as your personal sales coach and mentor: a dedicated resource to help you stay motivated, share successful sales strategies, and answer your questions – all designed to drive your success.

Training and Education for Agents

Our onboarding process is built around a curriculum designed to help you succeed. If you’re new to the industry, we’ll provide you with comprehensive training from the ground up, along with an encouraging community and an industry mentor. If you’re a veteran agent, you’ll get sales strategy assistance, industry-leading products and agent support, and training tailored to helping you succeed with Payroc.

We win when we all work together, which is why Payroc surrounds you and your merchants with dedicated teams of support. They include:

  • Advocate Team
    The advocate team provides operational support only for agents. This makes your day-to-day support easy and responsive.
  • Product Sales Management Team
    This team is composed of product experts who can help you understand selling features and determine which product/solution is the best fit for your customers. This team also provides live product demos to prospective merchants so you can stay focused on selling.
  • Statement Team
    You don’t need to be a statement expert anymore. Just tap the statement team for quick, accurate, and comprehensive merchant-facing statement analyses.
  • Integrations Team
    For large or more complex businesses, the integrations team provides support for all integration scenarios.
  • Implementation Team
    Don’t worry about training your merchants. Our implementation team will train them for you, teaching new clients how to use equipment, any applicable portals, and the basics of owning a merchant account.
  • Merchant Support Team
    When your merchants need help, this team is standing by to respond quickly and effectively with long-term support.
  • Marketing Team
    Get the help you need to make the sale with ready-made or customized marketing tools from the Payroc marketing team.

What do all these teams have in common? They provide the support you and your merchants need for success, so you can stay focused on selling.

What Advantages Do Payroc Products Offer?

When you’re choosing what to sell, you want a product that will be reliable, supported, and easy to deploy. Payroc’s approach is to provide a core group of product offerings that have been selected to meet these criteria. Our products are designed to work out of the box, and we provide training and support for everything we sell, along with marketing materials and resources.

You and your merchants will also appreciate that our products integrate seamlessly with existing software. This capability connects you to a larger network of partners that can integrate with our products.

We further support integrations with our product sales management team, which can help you and your merchants through the process and provide subject matter experts to answer your questions. You’ll have the support you need, instead of spending your valuable time trying to do it all on your own.

How Does Payroc Keep up With Industry Changes?

You need to know your payment processing solution won’t fall behind. In an age of constant change and innovation, it’s important that the products you sell can keep up for your merchants.

To protect your merchants’ investments, Payroc continually evaluates new payment processing solutions, looking ahead toward new developments in products, marketplace trends, and technology.

And as we identify where these trends are taking us next, we also help our agents advance into those spaces. Let us keep an eye on what’s next to help you stay ahead of the curve.


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