FieldServio – Transforming Payment Acceptance Strategy with RewardPay Choice

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About FieldServio  FieldServi_Standpoint

FieldServio is a leading provider of software solutions designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for field services businesses. With headquarters located in Charlotte, NC, the organization boasts a dedicated team of professionals committed to delivering innovative technology solutions that empower businesses to succeed in today’s dynamic marketplace. The company’s specialty lies in providing robust software platforms tailored to meet the unique needs of clients, enabling them to optimize their processes, improve productivity, and drive growth. Its mission is to empower businesses with the tools and resources they need to grow revenue and deliver the greatest value to customers while providing cutting-edge solutions that unlock new levels of operational excellence and client satisfaction. Central to its mission, FieldServio has partnered with Payroc to deliver embedded payment acceptance solutions to software clients through its software ecosystem.

The Challenge


High cost of card acceptance.

Recognizing that payment card acceptance fees represented a significant operational expense for many software clients, often ranking among the highest fees incurred in operations, FieldServio sought to help software clients offset this major financial challenge. However, prior to 2013, options were limited and merchants were often resigned to bearing these costs. This limitation existed because major credit card networks prohibited surcharges on card transactions. With changes in operating rules in 2013, FieldServio and other software providers gained the opportunity to add value by enabling businesses to offset credit card acceptance costs and improve profitability.

The Solution

RewardPay Choice surcharging.

AdobeStock_812963005FieldServio partnered with Payroc to integrate a fully compliant surcharge program into its software ecosystem. This integration involved the implementation of Payroc’s RewardPay Choice program, ensuring a seamless experience for customers. The solution allows software clients to transfer the cost of credit card transactions to the cardholders, significantly reducing overall fees incurred by the merchant. This approach provides a dual benefit: it helps merchants alleviate high transaction costs and allows customers to continue using preferred payment methods.

The Results

Significant cost savings.

The implementation of RewardPay Choice through FieldServio has yielded substantial advantages for software clients:

Major Cost Savings: On average, FieldServio’s clients have seen a 70% reduction in their overall acceptance costs after implementing surcharging with RewardPay Choice. This significant cost reduction has directly improved profitability and financial sustainability for businesses.

Reinvestment Opportunities: The savings generated from offset credit card card fees have presented valuable opportunities for businesses to reinvest in their growth and expansion initiatives. From expanding product lines and enhancing customer experiences to improving operational efficiency, surcharging has freed up capital for strategic investments that drive business growth.

Fairness and Transparency: RewardPay Choice surcharging has ensured fairness and transparency in payment processing. By passing the cost to cardholders who choose to use credit cards, FieldServio clients have maintained profitability without compromising customer satisfaction. RewardPay Choice ensures compliance with card brand regulations, providing merchants with peace of mind and enabling them to focus on running their businesses.


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Compliant. Transparent. Cost-Effective.

The collaboration between FieldServio and Payroc’s RewardPay Choice surcharging program presents a transformative solution for field services businesses looking to optimize their payment acceptance strategies. Through seamless integration, compliance assurance, and substantial cost savings, RewardPay Choice empowers merchants to thrive in today’s competitive landscape while delivering enhanced value to their customers.

What their team said…

“At FieldServio, our mission is centered on empowering businesses with the tools they need
to grow revenue and deliver the greatest value to customers. The collaboration with Payroc
to integrate RewardPay Choice into our software ecosystem has been instrumental in achieving
this mission. By enabling our clients to significantly reduce credit card acceptance fees
– often among their biggest financial challenges – we’re not only improving their bottom
line but also providing them with the resources to reinvest in their growth initiatives. It’s a
win-win situation that underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that
drive success for our clients.”   

James Gillespie