Diversity & Inclusion

The team behind Payroc’s people-first global payment processing company.

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The Committee

Diversity Committee

Our Mission

Help cultivate an environment where individuals of diverse race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, nationality, age, height, weight, disability and marital/parental status may have an equal opportunity to succeed professionally & personally.

How diversity is practiced at Payroc

  • Practice positive, constructive work habits in the workplace. Work cooperatively towards a common goal.
  • Live up to the social contract. Contribute to your fullest potential and strive for excellence.
  • Recognize and respect others for their individuality.
  • Think before you speak and be sensitive to others.
  • Talk about your differences and ask tactful questions about how others want to be treated.
  • Eliminate stereotypes and generalizations.

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2020 Bucket Brigade Winners

Soon after COVID-19 swept the nation, Payroc quickly responded by lunching our Bucket Brigade Fundraiser – raising over $30,000 for our small to medium-sized merchants. Our Diversity & Inclusion committee additionally dedicated 12 grants of $1,000 to women/minority-owned businesses that have experienced extreme economic hardships from Covid-19.