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The jackless headphone came as exciting news for everyone eager to learn more about the latest iPhone technology updates. That is, until, merchants across the world felt a sudden panic wash over them. “How will we use our mobile swipers?!” they cried. Fear not. We’ve got the inside scoop. Rest at ease knowing you’ll still be able to accept payments with these 3 tips:

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In addition to these points, financial technology companies are already hard at work creating new ways to improve mobile payment processing thanks to the iPhone 7 update. Ideas such as Bluetooth and Lightening connections are among some of the more common concepts, which is thought to be inspired by Apple Pay. Conveniently, Apple already had this part figured out. If you’re not familiar, they use NFC Technology, which is streamlined along the same concept other FinTech companies are reaching to achieve: accepting payments without ever having to swipe a card or open an app.

The future is bright for mobile payments.

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