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Silicon Valley - the birthplace of Apple, Google, and some of the world’s most high-tech products. Silicon Valley’s reputation and exciting innovation proceed itself. With the West Coast hogging the spotlight for the past 20+ years, the time has come for a new star to emerge in the world of technology.

Alas, we have a contender emerging from the capital of the South! The Silicon Valley of Financial Technology is located right here in Atlanta, GA. Now dubbed “Transaction Alley,” Atlanta has become THE hub for credit card processing.

Atlanta  is home to more than half of the nation’s credit card processing. The city commands a presence with three of the top five companies located in Metro Atlanta. The volume at which Transaction Alley processes credit card transactions is at an all-time high, which explains how the nickname came to be. Companies such as Payscape (yours truly), Kabbage, and Split are not only excelling on their own, but they are also finding ways to work together to ensure Transaction Alley remains a concrete moniker.



South Transaction Map!transaction-alley/cuij



Atlanta’s upper hand in transportation and proximity have played major roles into getting Transaction Alley to where it is today. Aspects such as Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, MARTA, and being centrally located in the middle of several major highways almost literally means that all roads lead to us. Not to mention, Atlanta is home to headquarters of 90+ FinTech companies, not including the many unlisted start-ups that are just waiting to emerge from their basement and garage development.

With many FinTech companies providing SaaS, payment processing, and other financial services, Transaction Alley hosts a broad array of companies providing unlimited services. Transaction Alley is coming for its Silicon Valley predecessor, and we’re rapidly growing with each new idea. The possibilities are endless.


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