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Posted on March 9, 2016 by

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So here we are in the middle of our adaptative state. Let’s talk about at what we’re already doing: We concentrate on giving the merchant solutions that make life easier. Whether it’s getting paid quicker by sending out invoices that already link to a page where the customer can pay a bill, or an easy-to-use registration system that makes sign-ups for an event painless. We have solutions for an ecommerce site that don’t require a 4-year degree, or that require you to seek help from the nerdy kid down the street. But how do we make these solutions better? That’s the fun part. We start over.

This year, Payscape will introduce a suite of APIs unlike anything the payments world has seen in the past. Credit card processing is the easy part, but what about integrating the other disparate technologies? Salesforce? Sure. Quickbooks? Yup. Registrations? Covered. Billing and invoicing? Absolutely. We’re building a marketplace for developers and business administrators alike that will bind all of these platforms together. We want to make business easy for the merchant--not confusing. This is all possible with great APIs that are pre-connected to the other software you’re already using. We’re aiming higher because today’s merchant is more sophisticated than ever. Merchants demand better, and that’s what we’re going to deliver.

Payscape isn’t your average ISO because we know better. The way we see it, we’re a technology company that happens to offer credit card processing. We’ve spent enough time in the trenches to know what you’re looking for, and enough time looking at the data and competition to know why you need it. The world isn’t searching for cheaper processing, they’re searching for BETTER processing.

In this series of posts, we’ll be taking you through the process we are using to build best-in-class APIs. This isn’t something you can accomplish overnight, and it’s certainly not easy. But the end result will be something truly great.


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