Dog-Friendly Offices: Why We're Top 10

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At Payscape, furry four-legged friends roam the office space. This is the norm here because dogs are an important part of Payscape’s culture. Glassdoor has recognized us for being one of the 10 Best Companies for Dogs. Since founded in 2004, our offices across the nation enjoy the pet-friendly policy. And maybe that’s one major reason the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has also named Payscape a 2016 Top Place to Work for the fifth consecutive year!

According to Inc., pet-friendly offices are a growing trend as they have proven to be beneficial by increasing productivity and boosting morale. Check out a few more reasons below:

  • Improve work-life balance
    • With the comfort of having your pet with you at the office, employees can spend extra time finishing up work and deadlines.
  • Improve work relationships
    • Because pups keep spirits high and create a sense of comfort and community, studies show that having dogs around the office can lead to building more trust between coworkers.
  • Decrease stress and overall health
    • Not only does having your pet in the office boost creativity, the CDC says it can decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
    • Petting a dog can decrease overall stress according to some studies. Not to mention midday-walks give employees a break from their desk.
  • Connect with consumers
    • A dog-friendly environment helps connect with potential clientele and talent in a way other companies are not doing.
    • A Fortune article states, “Nearly two-thirds of [Human Resource decision makers] say that candidates often ask about pet-friendly workplace policies during the interview process, and 79% say they proactively bring it up as a recruitment tool.”

A conversation starter, a de-stresser, and morale booster, dog friendly workplaces are becoming more and more common.

If you want to bring your best friend to work every day, join our team!

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