4 Reasons Why Air Conditioning Contractors Need Online Payments

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COVID-19 has made an everlasting impact on our world. With social distancing in place for the foreseeable future, as a business owner, you must be prepared to take payments when and where it is most convenient for your customers. Not having an online payment option will result in lost opportunities for your business today and tomorrow.

As the economy continues to open up, you also need to continue to adapt to not only protect your employees, but your customers as well. Online payments takes the face-to-face interaction out of the transaction, making your employees and customers feel more safe and secure when doing business together. 

Here’s a look at the top 4 reasons you need online payments now more than ever: 

1. Gives customers a choice in how they pay for services 

Having different payment options for you customers puts you at a greater advantage compared to your competition. With so many different ways to pay, it’s important to give your customer the ability to choose the option that best fits their needs and situation. Some different options include:

  • ACH / Bank Account: eChecks or ACH payments allows a customer to enter their checking and routing number to complete a payment. This type of transaction comes straight from your customers’ bank account into your merchant account. This option is great for people who don’t have a credit card or would rather pay with their bank account. This option is the most affordable for you and your customers. 
  • Credit Card: Credit cards are the most common forms of online payments and are a MUST HAVE if you offer online payment options. Unlike eChecks, credit card payments are approved instantly, so there is no need to worry about funding issues or bounced checks. 

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2. Gives customers flexibility of when they pay for services based on cash flow

There is no question that COVID-19 has caused unemployment to sky-rocket. With more people at home and the weather getting hotter, you should expect to see a rise in calls for A/C installation and/or repairs. This is something to keep in mind when offering your services and then sending the bill.

Air conditioning services are a necessity, but some customers may not be able to pay everything right away. Offering online payments gives people the option to use a credit card so they don’t have to pay the whole bill upfront and you still get funded. 

3. Helps your business stay organized

With everyone working from home, call volume has probably increased so you need a system to help you keep track of everything while avoiding outstanding invoices from falling through the cracks. Taking online payments saves considerable time for your business through automation and eliminates the risks of human error saving you time and money in the long run.

4. Online Invoicing

FACT: 39% of invoices are paid past their initial due date. That percentage is likely to go up due to the long-lasting effects of the pandemic. To combat aging invoices, e-invoicing is a must have for your business. It makes taking payments easier on you by streamlining the process with automated invoices sent instantly to your customers phone or inbox, and you even have the ability to send auto-reminders if you don’t see payments come in right away. This helps you get paid faster and on time. 

Now more than ever it is critical that you expand your payment processing options. Payroc is here to help by providing safeguarded solutions that will get your business ready to take online payments in no time. 

Want to get started with online payments? Contact us and one of our certified payments professionals will reach out for free analysis of your merchant statement.